Thursday, October 21, 2021

10 Celebrities Who Know Their Way Around The Kitchen

10 Celebrities Who Know Their Way Around The Kitchen


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When celebrities are off the limelight, the silver screen, and the stressful camera flashes, they are off doing their own sorts of things. There are others who do extreme sports, while there are others who master the art of cooking. And not just basic cookery, but the professional and knowledgeable ones.

You might not know about these celebrity kitchen masters and certified chefs, so we’ve laid out 10 of them in this list!

1. Erwan Heussaff

‘The Fat Kid Inside’ blogger, the man in front and behind the camera is a total foodie and a hobby cook.

Erwan had shared in his Youtube channel quite a lot of his food adventures, as well as snippets of him cooking and sharing recipes in his Instagram account, sometimes by request. Since he’s into healthy eating, lifestyle and wellness, the dishes that Erwan regularly make are highly vegan or with less meat!
Check out his blog for more of his awesome eats and recipes!

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