10 Flawless Selfies By The Nation’s Girl Crush Nadine Lustre You Can Copy

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James Reid and Nadine Lustre have been together in several movies, and toured together for concerts. But what else is Nadine known for? Her fans know her as someone who takes the most perfect selfie!

She is not just a veteran at taking selfies, she also makes use of her body and her location well in her photos. She has a distinctively Filipina beauty. That is why we can’t help but relate to her. Here are 10 flawless selfies by the nation’s girl crush that you can copy!

She’s so beautiful, no one can deny!

1. Street Art selfie

Nadine basically stands in front of the camera and lets her background do the work. The key point is wearing solid-colored clothes when taking pictures with a colorful street art backdrop. Your tripod and camera’s timer will be your best friend for this!

This photograph may not be taken here in the Philippines, but we have many lovely murals in our cities too!

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