10 Of The Most Iconic Q&A Moments Of Pinay Beauty Queens


The Question and Answer (Q&A) portion showcases the level of wit and intelligence of beauty queens.

Aside from the entertainment value it gives, this category also determines the contestant’s position throughout the competition.

Though some might choke their answers out of nervousness, these Filipina beauty queens still manage to steal the spotlight— intentional or not.

Here are 10 Pinay beauty queens who have the most iconic and quotable Q&A portions so far:

1. Jeannie Anderson, Binibining Pilipinas (2006)

Question: “If you were given a chance to choose to become beautiful but not too smart or very smart and not too beautiful, what would you prefer to be and why?”

Answer: “Well, um, quiet please! Okay. Well, I’d rather choose to be, uh, beautiful. Um, because, um, to be beautiful like, um, it’s natural. But, um, being smart, you can learn. You can learn, um, a lot of things. You can learn from the experience. You can learn from a lot of things to be smart.”

How does it feel to be asked by the one and only Gloria Diaz during this portion? Jeannie Anderson surely knows how intimidating it can be, let alone the experience be broadcasted on national television.

Despite some buckles, the contestant carried on and gave an interesting take on the question.