Backpacking In Eastern Europe

Backpacking in Europe is one major goal for many travelers. Europe is almost equivalent to.

World’s First 360-Degree Infinity Pool Is Sustainable

The world’s first 360-degree infinity pool, a new attraction in London is expected to start.

Discover Freediving Spots In The Philippines

Freediving is a form of underwater diving that does not use air tanks as opposed.

A New Boracay

It made headlines when Boracay was announced to be closed for six months last year,.

AirAsia Group Puts 5M Seats On ‘Big Sale’

Low-cost airline AirAsia Group on Friday announced 5 million seats are up for grabs in.

A Look Into Northern Thailand – Yaya Sperbund’s Recommended Place To Visit

Thai superstar and Tourism Authority of Thailand Ambassador Yaya Sperbund came to Manila to promote.

Green Tourism Takes Center Stage In Thailand

From serene and picture-perfect beaches to breath-taking mountaineous views, a country’s natural resources and beauty.

Visita Intramuros: Reintroducing Manila’s Tourism Belt

The Manila Hotel, in partnership with the Intramuros Administration, has pilot-tested the Visita Intramuros, a.

Cambodia Extends Visa-Free Entry For Filipinos To 30 Days

The Royal Government of Cambodia has approved a thirty-day, visa-free entry policy to Filipino travelers,.

Taiwan: No Visa-Free Extension Announcement Yet

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on Tuesday clarified that there is no announcement yet.