Cebu City To Identify More Roads For Clearing

Mayor Edgardo Labella, said the City Government will start identifying more public roads that needed clearing following the memorandum issued by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) giving mayors 60 days to clear their respective streets of obstructions.

Although he hasn’t received the DILG memo yet, Mayor Labella said they have already started clearing some of the city streets.

“Way before the President’s SONA and the DILG memo (issued on July 29), we have already started clearing the streets,” the mayor said in a press conference at his office in City Hall.

The Prevention, Restoration, Order, Beautification, and Enhancement (PROBE) Team has been tasked to conduct the clearing operations and has already cleared 13 roads so far since July 8.

Labella said he will meet with the PROBE Team, Department of Engineering and Public Works, and City Transportation Office to identify the roads to be cleared next.

“There are so many public roads in the city, so we’ll just have to take one after the other. But, of course, we will clear all of these public roads,” he said.

Whether the 60-day deadline is enough or not, the mayor said it really depends on the size of the city, but Cebu City will have to do its best.

“Not all cities have the same sizes and the same magnitude of informal settlers’ problem. It would be easier for smaller cities. It would not even take 60 days. But for big, highly-urbanized cities, there’s a need for more time for that, but we will try to catch up with the 60-day requirement,” said Labella.

He, however, said that clearing the public roads should be a continuing effort for the city, and not just for 60 days.

“We will have to do away with that ‘ningas kugon’ attitude. It has to be sustained. Not only for 60 days, but throughout,” Labella concluded. (PNA)

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