Facebook Introduces ‘Why Am I Seeing This?’ Feature

Facebook sure does bring us a lot of information. In retrospect, however, there’s an excessive amount of content that can be annoying. These may come from friends, pages, you’ve liked (or didn’t), click baits, and more.

Now, the social networking site has introduced its new feature that lets you see why certain posts appear on your timeline.

You can always personalize your news feed to fit into your liking but with this new feature, you can click a certain post, gain some insight on why it has appeared in your news feed, and personalize what you see in the future.

The feature also includes a shortcut button on the right hand corner of the post where the choices “see first,” “unfollow,” “News Feed Preferences” and “Privacy Shortcuts” are included.

A feature with the same task for advertisements has been present since 2014. Through feedback from users across the globe, the Facebook team promised to develop the features more and let the people know why things appear on their news feed.

Photo Credit: newsroom.fb.com

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