How Important Is It To Wash Your Vegetables Before Eating

Feeling a little lazy and just want to throw those veggies in a bowl and eat? Well, we suggest washing it real good first. Despite produce looking squeaky clean, it’s most probably not. Clinical professor of microbiology and pathology, Philip Tierno, Ph.D. at NYU Medical Center can attest to this. There are many microbes and harmful pathogens that veggie could have picked up before it reached your fridge.

According to FDA, “around 48 million people contract foodborne illnesses from food products contaminated with harmful pathogens each year, most commonly listeria, E. coli, and salmonella bacteria as well as viruses like hepatitis A and norovirus. In addition to this, Tierno says, “there’s a whole host of people that handle raw fruits and vegetables including the growers, the pickers, the truckers – many hands which contain different types of germs, potentially pathogens.”

So, please. Don’t be lazy. Take that extra step. Wash your vegetables.

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