Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Kidapawan Dancers Capture Gold In Australia Dance Tilt

Kidapawan Dancers Capture Gold In Australia Dance Tilt


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A group of local dancers from this city, ruled the World Supremacy Battle Ground, an international group dance competition in Sydney, Australia, by bringing home the grand prize in the varsity category.

The group named “Off Limits,=” is composed of young dancers, mostly high school students, and some professionals, who flew to Australia to represent the country after qualifying in the finals.

During the preliminary rounds, “Off Limits” bested other groups and remained on top until the championship level, according to Dave Cazenas, the dance group’s team captain.

“It was a very tough competition, almost all were good performers but luckily we beat them,” Cazenas said of the Oct. 6 grand finals showdown.

“As first-timers, joining the international dance contest is very memorable for us, especially that we reached Australia with meager pocket money,” Cazenas said.

Each of the members received a gold medal, in addition to the group’s golden trophy.

“Until now, we could hardly believe that a group from Kidapawan will come out the champion, we are still at cloud nine,” Jay-M Gelicame, the team manager, said.

Gelicame said a Kidapaweño, who is now a resident of Sydney, hosted the dancers’ stay in Australia for free, including food. (PNA)

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