Friday, August 14, 2020

McDonald’s Now Offers Group Selections For You And Your Fam’s Different Cravings

McDonald’s Now Offers Group Selections For You And Your Fam’s Different Cravings


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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, dining-out in groups has always been a case of compromise due to the assorted cravings each of you have. Come quarantine, the same struggle is encountered by you and your family or roommates. One wants chicken, the other is hungry for some pasta, some for burger, and so on.

In that case, adjusting to the majority’s cravings stops this week because McDonald’s just unveiled one of its freshest services amid the new normal: the McDonald’s Group Selections!

Along with the announcement is also the launch of McDonald’s platters that are good for up to 20 people! This includes favorites like 80-pc Chicken McNuggets, McSpaghetti, and BFF Fries. Yes, you can now indulge on as many nuggets as your body can.

Mix-and-match your order with 5 of the fast food’s classics depending on your cravings and budget. So now, whether you are craving for the crispiness of the Chicken McDo or the sweetness of the McSpaghetti, you don’t have to give up your preferred meal anymore.

Save more when you buy more. The McDonald’s Group Selection can cater to groups of 10, 15, and 20 people. It is available via delivery, drive-thru, and takeout.

Visit the McDonald’s delivery website for more information.

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