Old, Faded PNP Uniforms Disposed Of In W. Visayas

The Police Regional Office in Western Visayas (PRO-6) disposed of a total of 221 old, faded, and worn-out Philippine National Police (PNP) uniforms at its headquarters at Camp Delgado here on Monday.

The disposal of the worn-out uniforms was done in adherence to the PNP-issued Letter of Instruction (LOI) on “Tamang Bihis Alpha”, said Lt. Col. Joem Malong, spokesperson of PRO-6, in an interview.

The PRO-6 got rid of old and faded office attire that include athletic T-shirts, shorts, pants, Patrol T-shirts, visibility vests, headgears, bull caps, and rig belts, among others.

“The LOI prescribes us of the proper uniform. The ceremonial disposal was initiated by our regional director, Brig. Gen. Rene Pamuspusan, to intensify the implementation of the ‘Tamang Bihis Alpha,” Malong said.

The PRO-6 held an inspection of ranks last Oct. 25, where the personnel brought with them all their sets of PNP uniforms. The activity led to confiscation of the old and dilapidated uniforms for disposal.

Malong said that getting rid of worn-out uniforms will make police officers look “more dignified”.

“Dignified, in the sense that from the uniform itself, our police could gain respect already,” she said.

The move was also done in line with the PNP’s internal cleansing program, which focuses on cleaning the ranks of erring police officials.

Malong said the PNP is provided with uniform allowance every three years to replace the old ones, thus police personnel are “obliged to have new sets of uniforms and to be at our best”.

Aside from the PRO-6 regional headquarters, the disposal of old uniforms was also done in provincial and city police offices in Western Visayas.

In a statement, Col. Roland Vilela, Iloilo Police Provincial Office (IPPO) director, said that wearing of proper uniform is a basic standard of discipline.

“The way we carry our uniform bespeaks of our manners. If we can’t abide by the policy of Tamang Bihis, we will surely have a problem adhering to the more stringent policies of the organization,” he said. (PNA)

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