Saturday, September 25, 2021

Ten Affordable Food Spots Near DLSU

Ten Affordable Food Spots Near DLSU


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Hear Ye, Hear Ye to students in Taft area!

It’s no secret that in college, you will be swamped with work. Deadlines on deadlines, midterms here, projects there, all-nighters almost every day, the list goes on. In order to keep up with your deadlines and finish your errands for the day, you need to fuel up with good food. Question is, would there be such a thing as good food for a low price? In Taft, yes it is! To all hustling and “on a budget students”, here are ten affordable food spots that are just right around the corner (literally).

1. Ate Rica’s Bacsilog

The very popular Ate Rica’s Bacsilog is a staple food for students in the campus. Did you even go to La Salle if you haven’t tried Bacsilog? Not only is it delicious but it is also friendly to student budgets. Their menu consists of the different kinds of -silogs: Bacsilog, Tapsilog, Footsilog, Nuggetsilog, Tocilog, Hotsilog, Cornedsilog and Tunasilog with their price at Php 74. For combination orders, it will only cost you a whooping Php 99. Located at Agno St., Malate, Manila behind St. Miguel building and beside the STRC building.

Photo credit: Ate Rica’s Official Facebook Page

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