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Top 10 Featured Songs In Movies

Top 10 Featured Songs In Movies


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OST’s really manage to bring out or further enhance that oomph factor that we all look for in a movie and nothing makes an already great movie even better than when it is accompanied by great music. They have even managed, more than once, to make a not so good movie bearable enough to sit through up until the credits roll simply because of the likable vibe most of these songs manage to give off. At the same time, certain songs have also managed to create a lasting legacy that by playing just its first few minutes (heck—sometimes even seconds) one can already tell what movie it refers to.

Whether it is sung in a scene by the actors themselves, subtlely played at the background or only heard during the end credits, most featured songs in movies definitely have played a great part in our over-all movie watching experiences.

With that being said, here is a list of top 10 featured songs in movies in no particular order and keeping in mind that there are obviously hundreds of other great OST songs apart from those below. But for now, this is what you’ll get:

1. “I Will Always Love You” from The Bodyguard (1992)

Whitney gave her own take on the Dolly Patron original as the song was made the main theme to “The Bodyguard”, a romance-thriller movie she made her acting debut in, and this version is a ballad that mainly features her powerful vocals and a sweet saxophone solo around the middle of the song. Its signature part comes at the nearing end as Houston delivers an incredibly high note which, today, only a few can really manage to pull off just as well. In the movie, is sang by Rachel (played by Houston) at the end of the film with its meaning intended as a farewell towards Frank (played by Kevin Costner) as both decided not to pursue a relationship they both knew would never work in the long-run. The song was awarded a Grammy for Record of the Year.

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