Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Enjoy Amazing Pair Of Flip-flops At Havaianas’ Brand Day On Shopee And Get Up To 50% Off!


Enjoy Amazing Pair Of Flip-flops At Havaianas’ Brand Day On Shopee And Get Up To 50% Off!

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With the tropical climate and culture of long walks here in the country, especially during summer, finding the perfect pair of slippers has been a concern for many. From its design, to its material, and its comfort despite the weather has been the factors that an individual considers when buying one.

Good thing, Havaianas, the world’s best rubber flip-flops, have always been releasing pairs where you can find casual ease and joy for your feet despite the hot weather and long walks without sacrificing its design and beauty.

This 10.10, enjoy your shopping experience with these items at the Havaianas’ Brand Day on Shopee and enjoy these amazing pairs for your everyday use and vacation casual fits.

1. Havaianas Women’s Slim Iridescent

With its classic-looking style and fluid metallic finish, the Havaianas Women’s Slim Iridescent gives you the futuristic-like inspired pair that will let you shine in every step of the way. Available in Ballet Rose, Lime Green, Quiet Lilac, and Sand Grey for only PHP 1,599.

Get it now at https://shopee.ph/Havaianas-Women’s-Slim-Iridescent-i.192703341.17928572966?sp_atk=ef5ab1a8-cd30-4075-828e-fdbf6b639421&xptdk=ef5ab1a8-cd30-4075-828e-fdbf6b639421

2. Havaianas Women’s Slim Gradient Sunset

Make your way to the sunset with this Havaianas Women’s Slim Gradient Sunset. Capture the beauty of the sunset with this pair that takes you to another level of style. With its metallic finish, this pair is the perfect one to wear during your sunset pictures. Available in Ballet Rose, Lemon Yellow, Lime Green, and White for only PHP 1,599.

Get it now at https://shopee.ph/Havaianas-Women’s-Slim-Gradient-Sunset-i.192703341.17228558835?sp_atk=b154cec4-d9a8-4cb8-9250-df4685760b43&xptdk=b154cec4-d9a8-4cb8-9250-df4685760b43

3. Havaianas Power 2.0 Flip Flops

It’s now time to change your flip-flops game style with this Havaianas Power 2.0 Flip Flops. With its extra-soft rubber sole, this pair has become a hit among the customers. Aside from its simple yet distinct design, this pair brings a lot of comfort and relaxation to your feet before and after a day of playing your favorite sports. Available in Black, Blue Star, and Navy Blue for only PHP 1,190.

Get it now at https://shopee.ph/Havaianas-Power-2.0-Flip-Flops-i.192703341.7796585477?sp_atk=5b20a95c-63ea-44bb-a8e4-1d6d3b8ed6bf&xptdk=5b20a95c-63ea-44bb-a8e4-1d6d3b8ed6bf

Don’t miss out on the Havaianas’ Brand Day and make sure to purchase these pairs on Shopee this October 6. Enjoy up to 50% off, discount vouchers, bundle deals, and free shipping on your Havaianas pairs purchase.

Check out Havaianas’ official Shopee Mall store at https://shopee.ph/havaianas?categoryId=100012&entryPoint=ShopByPDP&itemId=7796585477

Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/havaianasphilippines/photos/10160248113197500/