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Monsoon Season Is Back: Here’s How To Remain Chic And Stylish Even When Raining


Monsoon Season Is Back: Here’s How To Remain Chic And Stylish Even When Raining


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It’s that time of the month again. The rainy season is back. One moment you’re all dressed up; the next, you’re all drenched and cold. Now, what will you do with those white pants and that see-through top?

A new season signifies new plans for your wardrobe. You had better pull out all those sweaters, cardigans, and coats you stacked away during the summer. No more crop tops and sandals for you. You’ll have to deal with it.

However, rainy weather isn’t an excuse to look dull and sad. Even if the sun is out, you can treat the puddles and the damp pavement as your personal runway. You can still sizzle, even in a bit of drizzle!

Here are some tips on how to remain fashionable during the monsoon season:

1. Fake it ’til you dry it

The rainy season means puddles and random splashes from cars or when walking. Even when walking with an umbrella, strong winds and heavy rain will eventually get into your clothes.

You can’t risk looking all wet and muddy when you reach your destination.

It’s time to stock your closet with dark-hued clothes like navy blue and black, especially your pants. Dark bottom wear like jeans, slacks, or joggers won’t look as wet when splashed with water, and it can hide mud stains. Like your bottom wear, tops in dark colors can prevent anything unpleasant and embarrassing, like underwear seeping through the fabric.

The best thing is that dark clothes can easily be paired with other colors or can be paired with each other and still look good. Dark clothes won’t look crumpled and weird when you’re waiting for them to dry off.

2. Boots? Boots!

Some workplaces can’t be bothered to stop their operations even when there’s more water on the roads than usual. You can’t brave that with your heels or black suede shoes. They will give up on you before you can finish your work agenda. You need something more waterproof but still chic and professional.

When you hear flooding, what footwear comes to mind? Boots! And no, they’re not the usual boots you used during your grade school days. There are many stylish boots available on the market that can brave heavy rain but still double as your OOTD and office wear. Some are the more sophisticated versions of your old rubber boots, while others are quality leather boots like calfskin and nappa that can offer more protection in the rain. You also have the option of whether to go for knee-high or ankle boots.

Don’t be afraid to invest in some boots, even if they’re a little pricey. Even with just a pair or two, you can match them with a ton of your clothes on rainy days.

3. Saunter in your sandals and sneakers

Not a fan of boots? No biggies! Your style doesn’t end with boots. Go sporty and rock those rubber sandals and sneakers.

For light to moderate rain, you can opt for rubber sandals. This footwear is best when you plan on walking long distances during the rainy season. It’s stylish, durable, and totally comfortable. Rubber or jelly sandals come in different designs, but opting for open ones is better. Well-ventilated sandals will let your feet breathe and dry faster.

Another good option during light rainy weather is sneakers. But not just any sneakers; choose the ones with high soles. You can pair them with your sporty clothes or skirts and leggings. Nothing beats good sneakers that go well with almost everything.

4. Be a little crazy and go for light

Contrary to the norm, light fabrics are a good option during the rainy season. Heavy rain and strong winds can leave your clothes soaked. Lightweight fabrics can help you dry off quickly, which is essential if you want to avoid getting colds. You can also pack an extra one in your bag for an emergency, so you don’t have to sit at your desk the whole day dripping from rain.

If you travel by car, you can skip this and go for heavier fabrics. To avoid being cold, pair your light fabric clothes with heavy and warm materials like knitted sweaters and cardigans or your favorite jackets like your office coat or parka. Light fabric clothes are a trendy fashion statement that pairs well with the heavy coats and jackets you usually wear on rainy days.

5. Pull out those pullovers

During the rainy season, you need extra protection from the cold. Don’t just grab any jacket! You can be wrapped up and still look stylishly put together. Rather than going for body-hugging outfits, wear something that adds volume and style, like your favorite pullover sweater. Rainy days can increase humidity, and wearing body-hugging fits will make you uncomfortable. With pullovers, you can place them over your top and remove them when you don’t need them.

Voluminous pullovers are chic and will go well with your light inner tops. Layering is a must! You can pair it with high-sole sneakers or shoes and some skirts or dark jeans to complete your rainy season OOTD.

6. Go crazy with your add-ons.

Give more life to your fit with your rainy day accessories. Don’t just focus on your earrings, necklaces, or watches. Pay special attention to your scarves, bags, and umbrellas.

Scarves are an excellent addition to your look to keep you fashionable but warm. There are different types of scarves, but the knitted ones scream comfort during the cuddle weather.

When buying your bags, choose the one that fits rainy days. Not all bags are perfect during this wet season. Opt for waterproof bags or bags that are more tolerant to rain and easy to wipe off. Perspex bags are a good choice because their material is waterproof and they come in a wide variety of colors and designs that you can play with and pair with your outfits. If you have the cash, opt for full grain leather bags as they are fashionable but also treated to be more waterproof compared to other leather bags.

Lastly, don’t forget your umbrellas. You can skip this if you’re not very strict with your fashion. However, umbrellas do elevate the look, and it’d be great if you could choose an umbrella that could go well with most of your clothes. A good choice is the trendy clear umbrella that became famous in Korean dramas.

Whatever you choose to wear, the most important thing is to stay safe during rainy days. Staying fashionable is a choice. Rainy days may make you feel gloomy, so it’s great to invest time in planning your wardrobe to take your mind off things that can make you sad or irritated. Whether it’s a drizzle or a hard pour, you can always beat the weather with good clothes to wear throughout the day.

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