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SkyFam: Why More Filipinos Looking Up To Them?


SkyFam: Why More Filipinos Looking Up To Them?


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Filipino model, entrepreneur and TV personality Slater Young started his showbiz career when he won as the Big Winner in one of PBB’s past seasons, while his wife Kryz Uy has always been a style content creator and a vlogger. The two are known to be one of the couple influencers that the public has been aspiring to be.

Just recently, Slater and Kryz made noise as Kryz gave the Sky Fam a tour of their house, which they called the Skypod. Fans flock to social media to share how amazed they are with their house. Since then, netizens have followed Slater and Kryz’s marriage life and, eventually, their family life.


The relationship that everyone wants

Slater and Kryz met through their common friends. In a Magandang Buhay interview, they both shared that they initially didn’t like each other until a party happened. They were sitting right next to each other and had no choice but to talk to each other. The conversation went deep as they talked about serious stuff like life. That’s when the two thought that the other wasn’t that bad, and eventually they clicked.

In one of Kryz’s vlogs, they proved how healthy their relationship is. A fan asked Slater how she deals with Kryz’s tantrums during her PMS. Slater shared how he makes sure to have her emotions stabilized and understand her to not cause a “war” with Kryz.

Not only is Slater understanding, but he also makes sure to share life lessons with Kryz that really help her walk through life. One example that Kryz gave was when Slater taught her how to deal with haters. Given that both of them are public figures, it is inevitable that other people wouldn’t like them. Through Slater’s advice, Kryz manages to sway it off and doesn’t mind the haters.

Another fan asked how they balance their love life and work. The two simply answered that they make time for each other even though they are busy with work. Kryz also emphasized how they do not pressure each other and try to understand one another, especially when there is so much on their plate. Truly, they are not the type of couple influencers who are all for the cute stuff alone.


Transition to family life

Slater and Kryz are now parents of two handsome children after getting married in November 2019 in Cebu. Slater showed appreciation for Kryz, especially when she got pregnant. Given that Kryz is a style content creator and her work requires her to have healthy skin and a slim figure, being pregnant might be hard for her, knowing the physical changes one may experience during pregnancy. After having their first child, the two cannot deny how their priorities have shifted from personal aspirations to family-oriented aspirations.

With the adjustments that they had to make, the two worked hand-in-hand to provide the best care for their first born child, and eventually, their second child. Kryz shared how she and Slater will take turns taking care of their child, Scottie. The two also make sure that they get to bond with their children.

In one of Kryz’s vlogs, it can be seen that she is reading Scottie a book while Slater is caressing Sevi to sleep. The two influencers also showed a great balance as parents when their two-year-old firstborn, Scottie, is having tantrums. Slater was the one who talked and disciplined Scottie while Kryz stood outside of the room. In the vlog, Slater was seen talking to Scottie calmly while trying to explain things to him. Right after, the two shared how Scottie followed his father afterwards. Kryz then shared that Slater is the disciplinarian in the family as she is a softie type of mom. What a perfect balance!

The SkyFam had a comfortable stay in the trends as several fans took inspiration from them—starting from Kryz and Slater’s relationship goals to their family goals and up to their house goals. Currently, the Skyfam are building their Skypod 2.0, and the netizens are surely as excited as the Young family.

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