10 Songs About Depression And Mental Health

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Songs have always been a part of our daily routine. Wherever we go, we always put our headphones or earphones on. We identify songs as inspirations and motivations from which we can gather strength to do the tasks we need to achieve for the day. Songs and music, in general, has become part of our life that we feel naked and bared if we go on a day without listening to music.

In today’s time, representation is very essential, not merely regarding topics like gender, race, and beliefs, but also more serious matters like depression and mental illness that’s more often than not tackled minimally. Representation has reached a wider form of media in televisions and films, that’s why it is also relevant to include the representation in music.

Over time, countless artists have tackled this serious topic throughout their discography. Countless artists have instilled valuable messages in their songs and to name a few, here are the top 10 songs that we think have made a huge impact in bringing mental health issues into the limelight where it can be discussed with sensitivity.

1. Battle Cry by Imagine Dragons

Opening the song with an eerie and frightening tune, Imagine Dragons really made it clear that Battle Cry won’t be a song where your dance your booty off. With lyrics like “just one more time before I go” and “nobody can save me now,” you can already tell that the mood of the song would be serious. Talking about an imminent death of the persona in the song, the band Imagine Dragons mentioned how “fear is ever-changing and evolving” that could only symbolize that the persona has given up on his “battle cry”, thus the creation of the song – a collection of melodic beats that talks about suicide.

As terrifying as it is to decode the song, the message of the entirety of the art is that everybody has a battle they fight and that we should always be wary of the cries.

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