10 Symptoms That Mean You’re Gen Z

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Wait. Did you hear that?

…there it is: “oof”.

Have you been hearing a lot of “oof” lately? Do you think it is complete nonsense? Would you rather not know anyway?

Congratulations, if your answers to those questions were “yes”, you do not contract the common symptoms of Gen Z. In any case, understanding the inner workings of a Gen Z mind and knowing how to identify one will come in handy, one way or another. Here are more of the unmistakable signs of a Gen Z, brought to you by a Gen Z.

1. “Oof”

According to Urban Dictionary, the Bible of all current expressions, “oof” refers to “when you don’t really care but at least should say something”; sometimes, however, it is simply “the verb of dying”. While the word may have indeed stemmed from this sort of usage, Gen Z now deploys this word indiscriminately, so that while in one case “oof” is a short but genuine expression of sympathy for another person’s pain, in another case “oof” is really just a sentence filler. Broadly, “oof” punctuates the sentences of a common Gen Z person.

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