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Honda Philippines Unveils Your Newest Travel Buddy, The All-New Airblade150!

Honda Philippines Unveils Your Newest Travel Buddy, The All-New Airblade150!


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Honda Philippines, Inc. unleashes the newest addition to their scooter collection, the All-New Airblade150!

Both engineered for the driver and the passenger, the “The Cutting Edge” design lets you experience the most comfortable shared rides while staying stylish.

The All-New Airblade150 is perfect for millennials who are constantly on-the-go— may it be adventures or just roaming around the Metro. This is because of its sporty design, advanced technology, easy handling, and buddy-riding experience.

Moreover, its gas tank can has a 4.4 Li-fuel tank capacity, which can contain up to 47km/Li-fuel consumption.

And when it comes to personal belongings you can rely on the All-New Airblade150 as it gives you more room with its 22.7L U-Box that can fit even full-faced helmets!

The All-New Airblade150 comes in three unique colors: Matte Galaxy Black Metallic, Candy Caribbean Blue Sea, and Candy Ross Red. It will be available at all Honda’s dealerships this March 2020 with a suggested retail price of PHP109,000.00.

When asked what their favorite colors are, Brand Ambassadors Coco Martin and Yassi Pressman admitted they, themselves, cannot choose themselves as each variation look sleek and stands out on its own.

For more details about Honda products and promos, follow them at their Facebook page, Honda Philippines, Inc. and Instagram page, @honda_mc.

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