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Antiqueños Urged To Help Preserve Cultural, Historical Heritage


Antiqueños Urged To Help Preserve Cultural, Historical Heritage


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The Antique Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office (APTCAO) urged Antiqueños to help preserve and promote the rich cultural and historical heritage of the province.

APTCAO head Juan Carlos Perlas, in his message during the opening of the Heritage Month at the Old Antique Provincial Capitol in San Jose de Buenavista on Thursday, said the province has several cultural and historical heritage that should be preserved and promoted for future generations.

“Antique has boasted of being ‘where the mountains meet the sea,’ and with that, our very own natural heritage,” Perlas said.

He said that Antique has its local cuisines, games, entertainment, and songs reflecting its rich culture.

He added the recipe book his office has crafted contained local cuisines, including those that have been documented.

Among the cuisines are the “Pinamarhan nga Isda,” which is a boiled fish with vinegar, salt, garlic, and ginger, and “Ginat-an nga Dagmay (gabi)” or a stew with gabi leaves and pigeon peas.

“Still standing tall is also the Baluarte de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe at the Pantalan of San Jose de Buenavista, believed to be the oldest existing Spanish Fort on Panay island,” Perlas said.

The fort, he said, has been witness to Antique’s history since it was built as a simple watch tower in 1782, with its lower battery walls added and finished in 1812.

It is at the fort where the lighthouse of the Philippine Coast Guard now stands to guide the boats to shore.

“Our past defines who we are as Antiqueños, and it guides us in the future,” Perlas said.

As part of the activities to open the monthlong celebration, APTCAO also opened its upgraded Tourism Information Center (TIC) on the ground floor of the old capitol.

The TIC, with an air-conditioned holding room for tourists and other visitors, displays the map of Antique and the different destinations, such as the white sand beach in the island Municipality of Caluya.

It also has a staff ready to cater to queries from tourists from Monday to Friday. (PNA)