Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Best Responses To Your Inaanak If You Don’t Have A Gift This Christmas


Best Responses To Your Inaanak If You Don’t Have A Gift This Christmas

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The Christmas season is just around the corner, which means godfathers and godmothers will have another season to hear “Namamasko po” from their inaanaks.

If you’re one of the people who is struggling to tell your inaanak that you don’t have a Christmas gift, here are some alibis that you can use.

1. “Sorry nak, lumipat na kami ng bahay”

This alibi may be difficult to maintain because you must always keep an eye out for your inaanak or their family whenever you go out. They may notice you entering the same house especially when you live nearby.

You should also be cautious about posting pictures or sharing information online that may reveal your location, as you will be caught by your inaanak in no time!

2. “Wala kami sa Pinas. Nag-out of the country kami”

Just like the response saying that you changed your household address, this reply to your inaanak will also be challenging.

Some ninongs and ninangs should make an extra effort to provide proof to their inaanak that they’ve gone out of the country, such as by taking pictures. Worst case scenario: Your inaanak might demand an imported gift once you get home because they knew that you traveled during the holiday season.

3. “Mas matimbang ang pagmamahal kaysa sa pera o materyal na bagay ngayong Pasko”

Without a doubt, love and presence are always greater than material things during the holiday season. This might be as cheesy as it sounds, but this alibi can work for your inaanak especially when you combine it with a hug and a little compliment to them.

Because, first and foremost, your primary role as a godfather or godmother to your inaanak is to love and care for them in the same way that their parents do.

4. “Mahal gastusin ngayon, sa susunod nalang”

Inflation on basic goods these past few days is no joke. This response to your inaanak may be a sad truth this holiday season, but it can quickly skip you from giving them a Christmas present.

But for the next Christmas, you should be ready because your inaanak might remember to ask you again because you’ve said, “sa susunod nalang.”

5. “Ilista mo nalang muna, para mas malaki makuha mo”

This response is very common to be heard from ninongs and ninangs every Christmas, but is still valid for their inaanak.

Just make sure that you find an alternative line next time because your inaanak might really prepare a list of your skipped pamasko for them, and this would definitely cost you A LOT!

6. “Mas mayaman sa akin mommy or daddy mo, sa kanila ka nalang mamasko”

This response can work on your inaanaks at a young age because they wouldn’t mind you asking again after knowing that there is a person richer than you.

It’s their instinct to shift their focus to someone who will undoubtedly give them something because they are wealthy. In other words, easy skipping for a Christmas present!

Despite these alibis or responses to your inaanak this holiday season, a reminder to all godfathers and godmothers is that they should always handle these situations in a kind manner.

Don’t get irritated with your inaanaks when they repeatedly ask you for their pamasko because the season is meant for showing kindness and love to everyone.

While for the inaanaks, remember to also greet or talk to your ninongs and ninangs even though it is not the Christmas season. It’s unlikely that you will remember their presence only when the holidays are near because the essence of Christmas is not based on monetary value or the presents that you will receive.

These comments are purely for entertainment purposes only. For those who won’t be getting Christmas presents this year, always remember that whether there is a gift or not, we should always be grateful.