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Best Theme Parks In Mindanao For A Thrilling Adventure


Best Theme Parks In Mindanao For A Thrilling Adventure

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Filipinos are really keen on wanting a fun time with family, friends, and even workmates. On weekends, you’d plan a trip or a lunch out with people closest to you. Sometimes, these vacations even take weeks or even months.

In another sense, businesses in the Philippines have evolved to big, open spaces where Pinoys can enjoy adventure in different ways.

Amusement parks, water parks — Pinoys have a lot of options to spend a day of adventure in, and a lot of them are found in Mindanao! World-class parks are situated in Mindanao, and some of them have even one-of-a-kind rides that only the region can offer. Theme parks vary in options, some offer spaces for water fun, some for ride adventures — some even take your adventure to the skies.

All of these can only be experienced in Mindanao, so buckle up and prepare your calendars to book a thrilling adventure in these parks:

1. Dahilayan Adventure Park

A theme park immersed in nature, Dahilayan is an eco-adventure park where you can experience thrilling rides in between beautiful pine trees. A popular tourist attraction as well, this adventure park can only be found in Dahilayan, Bukidnon.

It is home to the Philippines’ first-ever Alpine Mountain Coaster, which is a popular ride among non-tropical regions like Europe. Apart from this, guests can enjoy 840 meter ziplines with a thrilling drop of 100 meters. Parajumps, boot camps, gliders, and rope courses are also available as activities in Dahilayan.

Recently, they have also opened the park to accommodate all ages — making it a great way for families to spend some fun.

2. Seven Seas Waterpark

The Philippine heat can be intense, but Mindanao has theme parks to refresh you with a water adventure. Seven Seas is the Philippines’ largest pirate-themed park with more than 12 different slides, wave pools, and a lazy river.

Established in 2017, it is a world class water park that also offers gazebos, huts, and different cabanas for families to bond while splashing in cool water. Seven Seas is located in Cagayan de Oro, and they are open during weekdays, weekends, and holidays.

3. Glorious Fantasyland

For the ultimate experience of an OG (original) theme park, Glorious Fantasyland will feed you a wide range of fantasy rides and beautiful sights. Perfect for every age — guests have a wide options of adventures worth trying for a great fantasy adventure.

They have GoKart spaces, Snow World, roller coasters, drop towers, and more. Located in Dapitan, it is one of the first theme parks in Mindanao — truly one of the OGs.

4. Amaya View

For an all-in adventure, Amaya View can take you both to the land and the skies. They have different spots for different activities. While they offer leisure spots like pools and glamping spots, they are also known for their thrilling offers for the guests.

They have Noah’s Ark — a zoo that simulates the iconic Noah’s Ark from the Catholic bible which guests can explore, especially the children. For older guests who want to take the adventure to the next level, Larry’s Hill at Amaya View also offers paragliding — a first in the region. Guests also have other options, including giant swings and high ropes.

Located in Cagayan de Oro, Amaya has a wide range of options for a thrilling adventure.

What are you waiting for? For the most thrilling adventure, Mindanao is your best bet.

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