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Clare Inso’s “Petty Things” With Cookie$ Is An Anthem Of Confidence And Charm


Clare Inso’s “Petty Things” With Cookie$ Is An Anthem Of Confidence And Charm


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Clare Inso, along with fellow Cebuano artist Cookie$ embrace a carefree outlook with a fresh single called “petty things” released under Universal Records Philippines.

This captivating new release, penned exclusively for Clare by Jon Ingoldsby, Frankie Monteverde and Job Penalosa, encapsulates a refreshing perspective on life’s trivial matters, encouraging listeners to let go of unnecessary stress and focus on what truly matters.

“The song is very shallow. It’s not that deep naman. Parang from the lyrics, you can already understand what it’s all about. Generally, it’s just about not stressing yourself from things that shouldn’t matter and how to brush off those petty things, so to speak,” Clare explains. The track was produced by Jon Ingoldsby, JWOLF and Yvonne Ico.

She adds, “they (songwriters) think that it’s my personality, something I find interesting kasi I don’t see myself as strong. I don’t see myself na parang ganun kadali mag brush off ng mga bagay but the song says the opposite. But I think it’s nice that I get to express myself or be a vessel of expression for something that someone else gave for me.”

The celebrated Cebuano beauty queen turned recording artist also said that this single is like “third-person perspective of how she is or how she should be” and for her, it’s what makes it meaningful.

In addition, Cookie$’ rap parts made the song heartfelt, comforting, and homey for Clare. She says, “super naaliw ako sa rap. Cookie$ wrote it himself and I got it in one go. Honestly, it’s my favorite part sa song kasi it’s delivered in my vernacular (Cebuano)”

“petty things” is part of Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlists in eight countries, (Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and South Korea.