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For These Shopee Sellers, Live Selling Is Crucial To The Growth Of Their Online Business


For These Shopee Sellers, Live Selling Is Crucial To The Growth Of Their Online Business


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Live selling has seen a tremendous boom in recent years as it has become a key part in enhancing the whole online shopping experience for both sellers and buyers. In time for its 9.9 Super Shopping Day, Shopee launched its first ever Shopee Live Star Seller Awards to give recognition to 99 hardworking and talented sellers who reached milestones in their online selling journey.

Shopee Live has become a platform for Shopee sellers to engage with buyers in real time and enhance their customer service experience. Sellers on the live streaming platform also have access to an array of seller tools that can maximize their streaming sessions to help increase their sales and boost customer engagement. With this, three Shopee sellers shared their personal stories on how Shopee Live helped them grow their business and more importantly, changed their lives.


It only takes a mobile phone and determination to start

Cecille, shop owner of Cilebritee and a mother of two, started live selling when she chanced upon the Shopee Live feature on the platform. “Noong nakita kong may Shopee Live button sa Shopee ko, tinesting ko lang. Hindi ako prepared. Wala akong kahit anong gamit o equipment. Ang meron lang ako ay talent sa pagtitinda at cellphone,” she shared.

When Cecille first started using Shopee Live, she sold women’s bags while sitting on the floor with her phone. She was thrilled that she sold out on her first night so she decided to keep going. From only 50 orders a night, she now gets over a thousand. Cecille shared how the Coins Giveaway feature helped her stand out and get more sales, especially during Double Day campaigns. “Tinutulungan rin ako ng Shopee Livestream team kung paano i-improve yung sales ko at maging isa sa mga top sellers.”, Cecille said.

Today, she is consistently a top performer on Shopee Live. She has her own Live Room with advanced equipment and a full livestream set-up. Cecille even manages a staff of 15 to provide them with means to generate income. “Nakakabili na kami ng mga pangangailangan namin sa pang araw-araw. Madami kaming nagagawa ngayon hindi namin magagawa kung hindi namin sinubukan ang Shopee Live.”, shared Cecille.


Making the brave decision to go online with live selling

Jeferson, shop owner of Shoppup2, transitioned from the BPO sector to being a full-time Shopee Live seller. “In 2017, I decided to resign with only ₱35,000 in my pocket. In every decision we make, we have the responsibility to face it, and it’s up to us to make it work”, Jeferson shared.

He started selling women’s bags and accessories, as there was a big market for it. As years passed, he was able to grow his business and even employ more than 15 staff to help with quality control, packaging, and customer service. Even when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it didn’t stop them and they grew their orders by the thousands.

He shared that the In-App Business Insights tool was a key feature that helped him succeed, as it helps keep track of his streams’ performance. They are able to improve on his live selling strategy to generate more orders. Another was the Chat Broadcast feature which builds excitement about the upcoming items that they can expect on his next stream.

“I no longer have to worry about my bills, and I’m now more able to provide more than enough for my loved ones being the breadwinner of my family,” Jefferson shared.


Choosing to stay and grow with Shopee Live

Trixie, shop owner of Mercatofinds, took a leap of faith when she chose to become a full-time Shopee Live seller over working in Italy. “It wasn’t an easy decision – never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I could earn more online than working abroad,” Trixie shared. “I was a fresh graduate and I didn’t have any experience. All I had was my love for fashion and my dreams to reach.”

Months before her flight, she started selling clothes on Shopee Live, and she was surprised that her stock was sold out. As she continued selling women’s apparel on Shopee Live, she learned how to maximize its features, specifically the Polling feature, as it helps her gauge what items her customers are interested in. When her business grew, she made the choice to make a living with Shopee live, and not go abroad.

At present, Trixie now employs her own staff, has her own office space and has invested in other ventures as well. More importantly, she shared that she gets to do all of this while still being able to spend time with her family. “I cannot imagine where I’d be without Shopee, and it turned out to be the best decision of my life. Salamat, Shopee!”, she shared.

If you want to be a Shopee Live Seller and drive your business forward, learn more and Get Started on Shopee.

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