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Getting To Know The Newest Miss Universe, Sheynnis Palacios


Getting To Know The Newest Miss Universe, Sheynnis Palacios


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Besting off over 80 candidates during the 72nd Miss Universe competition, Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacios was hailed as the newest crown and title holder next to R’Bonney Gabriel.

Knowing her before she got the crown in the prestigious beauty pageant, here are some things to know about Palacios as she leads the way to empowering advocacies for women and society worldwide.

1. First candidate to give a Miss Universe crown to Nicaragua

This year has really made history, not only for the life of Sheynnis Palacios but also for the whole of Nicaragua, as the beauty queen finally claimed the country’s first-ever Miss Universe crown.

In the previous years of Miss Universe, Nicaragua was able to be included in the top spots, such as in 2020, where Ana Marcelo finished as one of the Top 20 finalists. Hence, this year has been favorable to the country, as they have already clinched the title for a very long time.

This win has catered to the beauty and brains of the Latina community as she showcases her physical appearance and talent during the show.

2. She is a certified animal rescuer

Having a soft spot when it comes to animals, Nicaragua’s bet is known as an advocate for animal strays, as she herself is a rescuer.

As highlighted in her interviews with the Miss Universe organization, the beauty queen spends her spare time before the pageant as a rescuer in their community, as she believes that stray animals also deserve a home and love just like other animals or pets.

3. She advocates programs addressing mental health issues

Even before she competed for this year’s Miss Universe, Palacios was already known for her participation in advocacies and programs that tackled awareness when it came to mental health.

As a 23-year-old individual, the beauty admitted to also experiencing concerns about her mental health, as she disclosed that she had anxiety in her previous interviews. To help resolve this concern not only for herself but also for the community, Palacios has taken the initiative to expose individuals to this kind of scenario.

The beauty queen has launched her program “Understand Your Mind,” wherein she gets insights from experts or specialists on emotional care and broadcasts them through television.

Palacios has used her acquired skills and talent from her college degree to promote a healthier environment for people since she graduated from a communications course last year.

“Her goal in life is to work in the service of humanity by running a newsroom and producing content and commercials for international brands,” the Miss Universe shared.

4. She is a family-oriented individual

During and even before the pageant, Palacios has already received a warm approach from netizens, most especially from her family.

In her college days, the beauty queen was able to help her mother run their local snack business to support the financial needs of her education and her family. Hence, her mother needed to find other jobs to satisfy their needs, which left her to support her grandmother and younger brother.

But this did not demotivate Palacios, as she still continued to pursue her goal in life to finish her studies and was still able to support her family’s needs.

5. She has a passion for modeling

Known by few, Palacios has had a long journey in her pageantry career, as she also participated in different international and local beauty pageants before gaining a spot on the Miss Universe stage.

Back in the day, the beauty queen was able to represent Nicaragua during Miss 2021, wherein she got a spot among the top 40 semi-finalists in the said competition.

Besides this, Palacios also has a rich experience when it comes to local beauty pageants, as she was a known beauty queen and personality in their country, getting a top spot for this year’s Miss Universe as per the poll of Missosology, an online beauty pageant magazine.

There is no doubt that Sheynnis Palacios has had an exceptional journey in getting the crown for this year’s Miss Universe. It has been taken into account that the beauty queen is not only going for her beautiful facial features but also for her good heart as she advocates for the betterment of the whole world.

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