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‘Kadiwa’ Enables Antique Consumers To Buy Cheaper Agri-Products


‘Kadiwa’ Enables Antique Consumers To Buy Cheaper Agri-Products


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Government employees and other consumers who took time to go and purchase various items at the “Kadiwa ng Pangulo” trade fair were thankful that they now have a place to buy cheaper agri-products as well as locally produced non-food items.

Antique National School teacher Maybelle Naluis said in an interview Wednesday that with the opening of the trade fair in time for the 126th Independence Day celebration, she and her cousin Edsel are able to buy red rice, turmeric ginger brew and vegetables at lower prices.

“The products being sold at the Kadiwa are really cheaper than what we could usually buy in the market,” she said.

Naluis said they could usually buy red rice for PHP65 to PHP70 per kilo in the market but at the Kadiwa, it is only being sold for PHP55 per kilo.

She added the vegetables and other products are also being sold at prices that are PHP10 to PHP20 lower than the usual, so she would like to invite her co-teachers and friends to visit the Kadiwa.

“Buying at the Kadiwa is also a form of helping the farmers be able to sell their products,” Naluis said.

She welcomed the plan to hold a monthly Kadiwa trade fair at the Evelio B. Javier Freedom Park, saying it would be a “big help” to both the farmers and consumers.

Other government employees and consumers enjoyed buying freshly harvested mangoes, rambutan and processed food items such as camote chips and turmeric ginger brew at the Kadiwa after the Independence Day celebration at the park.

The other available items on sale were dressed chicken and fruit tree seedlings.

Arlene Edna Lavega, Office of the Provincial Agriculture (OPA) Farmcaster, said they were also distributing information and education campaign materials during the trade fair so more farmers would be able to know the technologies that could help them improve their production.

“We have reading materials being given out to farmers and fisherfolk,” she said.

The trade fair officially opened on June 11 and will be held until the 14th, in partnership with the Department of Labor and Employment-Antique Provincial Office. (PNA)