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Negros Frontier Town Gets Better Roads Via National Government Aid


Negros Frontier Town Gets Better Roads Via National Government Aid


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Don Salvador Benedicto municipality, a frontier town in the mountains of northern Negros Occidental, is benefiting from better road network mainly through the assistance of several national government agencies.

Known as the “summer capital of Negros Occidental” for its cool climate, the local government unit (LGU) marked its 41st founding year last week, with Mayor Laurence Marxlen dela Cruz highlighting various developments in his official report.

“The concrete roads were materialized through the help of the national government agencies, including the Department of Budget and Management, Department of the Interior and Local Government, Department of Public Works and Highways, and Department of Social Welfare and Development,” he said in a statement on Monday.

Dela Cruz said the assistance from the national government supplements the support received by the LGU from the provincial government and its bank loan facility.

Data showed that Don Salvador Benedicto has 108.816 kilometers of municipal and barangay roads.

The national and provincial governments have concreted some 25.982 kilometers in 2023, and with the additional 4.625 kilometers already funded, the total paved road will reach 30.607 kilometers or 28.12 percent of the municipal and barangay road network.

Dela Cruz said a road network is critical for the economic development of every LGU as it ensures smooth travel, allowing the people to reach their destination faster and the community to become productive and accomplish things quicker.

“Road concreting has been my top priority project because it responds to most of the problems we encountered, particularly in the social and economic sectors as well as those involving the environment, peace and order, and tourism development,” he added.

As a tourist destination, dela Cruz said the town now has more than 30 resorts, restaurants, hostels, coffee shops, and homestay establishments.

“We are now known all over the Philippines. Our municipality is beautiful, clean, has a cool climate, and is also peaceful,” he added. (PNA)