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Netizens Applaud Jane Garrett For Debunking Body Stereotypes In Beauty Pageants


Netizens Applaud Jane Garrett For Debunking Body Stereotypes In Beauty Pageants


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Showing off her beautiful curves while debunking the stereotypes about body features for beauty pageants, the audience expressed their support for Nepal’s best Jane Garett during the Miss Universe 2023 pageant.

Opening the Miss Universe competition this year, candidates from all over the world flaunted their unique beauty and charisma during the preliminaries and swimsuit competition.

As the beauty queens shined individually, many netizens gave praise to Nepal’s contender, Jane, for raising the confidence of plus-size women as she presented her beautiful curves in her swimsuit attire.

During the pageant, the candidate became a trending topic all over social media for being a role model for women to be proud of their physical appearance and to eliminate stereotypes about such beauty pageants.

Even before the swimsuit competition, Jane was already vocal in her advocacy for empowering women when it comes to physical appearance, as she also highlighted this in her previous interviews.

“Each and every one of you is beautiful and so worthy. You deserve to be seen. You deserve to be heard, just like I used to think I did not deserve to be seen or heard, but I am here today because I love myself. So please love yourself and accept yourself the way you are because you deserve it,” Jane said during her meet and greet in El Salvador.

With her confidence and strong dedication, not only to reach for the Miss Universe title but also to become an inspiration to women in this generation, Jane has drawn more advocates when it comes to debunking biases led by beauty standards in society.

“Jane, you are totally killing it! I love to see this for you! Composure, looks, walking—everything is giving! I hope you look back on your journey someday and are so proud of yourself. Thank you for making history. I root for you; keep winning and being confidently beautiful! “A netizen commented on the beauty queen’s Instagram post.

Back in 2022, the Miss Universe organization started to expand its candidates to women such as mothers, married women, and divorcees. Other than this, Jane’s presence has been a good example of the organization’s ability to empower women when it comes to criticisms of physical appearance and society’s beauty standards for women.

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