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Pinoys Get Podium During The World Kung Fu Championship


Pinoys Get Podium During The World Kung Fu Championship


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Raising the Philippine flag in the recently held 9th World Kung Fu Championship, over three Filipino Wushu players gained a total of five medals, from gold to bronze.

On August 28, the 9th World Kung Fu Championship was conducted in China, gathering all Wushu athletes from all around the world, including the Philippines. Showing their exemplary performance during the competition, three Pinoys were able to make a name for themselves in some of the categories.

“Each victorious moment is a testament to years of disciplined training, unwavering perseverance, and a profound connection to the ancient art of Kung Fu. As they stand on the podium, draped in gold, silver, and bronze, they not only celebrate their personal achievements but also embody the true essence of Kung Fu—a harmonious fusion of mind, body, and spirit,” the Wushu Federation Philippines said.

Included in these three Filipinos was Giovanni Moses Lim, who won gold for Tanglangquan Mantis Style with a score of 8.70.

The other Pinoys who showed exemplary performance during the competition were Tate Mathew Chuang and Alessandra May Maquilan, who won silver and bronze medals, respectively.

The 9th World Kung Fu Championship was facilitated by the International Wushu Federation, which was launched in 1990 to highlight all forms of Wushu worldwide. Besides recognizing the art of Wushu, the organization also aims to showcase its beauty and relevance to individuals’ lives.

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