Sunday, July 14, 2024

PR Institute Conducts Another SEO Workshop For Online Publishers And Bloggers


PR Institute Conducts Another SEO Workshop For Online Publishers And Bloggers


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Staying true to its goal of helping online content creators, the Public Relations (PR) Institute under the PAGEONE Group brought back “The Reach Project,” a workshop focusing on how search engine optimization (SEO) works.

Last year, PAGEONE Group launched an online campaign titled “The Reach Project: Helping Online Media Amplify Their Voice Online,” offering exclusive training about content and technical aspects of blogging.

This year, PAGEONE, together with the PR Institute, provided another training about SEO that cater to its online publishers and partner bloggers.

“We wanted to enrich not only the online publishers within our team but also bloggers who are a huge part of online media during the pandemic,” PAGEONE Group’s President Vonj Tingson said.

The workshop was led by Jerome Esperanza, an expert in website development and design.

“Search engine optimization is technical stuff but I think that it is still important for us to know, especially in today’s modern era,” Esperanza said upon explaining the relevance of SEO.

Esperanza elaborated that getting to know how SEO works will let an online publisher explore further the content to publish and come up with ways to reach their target audience.

He also highlighted that along with a content creator’s writing skills, one should balance them by having basic knowledge about the technical aspects, which showcases the importance of the said training.

“You dont really need know how control it but your foremost goal should be deliberating how it works so that you will have the knowledge how to talk to clients when it comes to these topics,” he said.

Other than providing refreshers regarding SEO, he also mentioned tools that can help online publishers and bloggers monitor their websites.

The Public Relations Institute launched its first training workshop earlier this month, which tackled more writing about brands.

Considering the success of these events, PAGEONE vowed to continue launching more insightful workshops, such as in artificial intelligence tools and social media management.