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Senator Chiz Calls For Stronger Ties Between Filipino, Chinese Businesses


Senator Chiz Calls For Stronger Ties Between Filipino, Chinese Businesses


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Senator Chiz Escudero has called on Filipino and Chinese businessmen to work together to enhance economic cooperation between the Philippines and China and transcend political differences of the two countries.

In his keynote address at the Philippine Investors’ Roadshow held at the St. Regis Hotel in Beijing on Sept. 27, Escudero stressed the need for business leaders to set aside political issues hounding Manila and Beijing and instead focus on trade, which he said was a vital aspect of the Philippine-Sino bilateral ties.

“Today, we find ourselves in a unique situation, as our nations currently have territorial differences,” the senator said.

“At this forum, we have an opportunity to transcend political differences and focus on the economic potential that exists between our two nations. It is crucial to recognize that economic cooperation can play a vital role in bridging gaps and moving toward a more harmonious future,” Escudero said.

While the Philippines and China are currently dealing with territorial issues involving the West Philippine Sea, he told the business community, both countries have to further strengthen their trade and investment relations.

“While this issue has its complexities and challenges, I firmly believe that dialogue and cooperation are essential to finding a common ground and fostering mutually beneficial relations,” Escudero pointed out. “By choosing economic collaboration, we demonstrate a commitment to resolving differences and disputes peacefully through diplomacy.”

According to the Bicolano senator, as the two nations engage in constructive dialogue, the groundwork is paved for resolving territorial differences “in a manner that benefits our nations and encourages a spirit of peaceful coexistence.”

The Philippine Investors’ Roadshow in Beijing was organized by the Department of Trade and Industry and the Philippine Embassy in China, together with the Office of the Special Envoys of the President to China Maynard Ngu and Benito Techico.

The two-day event was a follow-up to the visit of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to China earlier this year.

China has been the Philippines’ largest trading partner for six consecutive years.