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Visayas Food Trip: Know The Delicious Cuisines In Negros Islands


Visayas Food Trip: Know The Delicious Cuisines In Negros Islands

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Negros Island is a magnet for tourists who are planning to enjoy nature and explore preserved cultural heritage. Aside from these, its rich selection of local delicacies and cuisines is another gem in the province.

To get to know Negros’ famous cuisines and delicacies, here’s a list to complete your Visayas experience!

1. Chicken Inasal

First on the list is the famous Chicken Inasal that originated in Bacolod City.

The chargrilled chicken is basted with a special marinade and has a slightly sour (aslum) flavor, different from the usual barbecue recipe that people are used to. It tastes best with steaming hot rice and chicken oil.

Due to its popularity in the region, chicken inasal can be found in different restaurants and eateries in Bacolod City.

2. Dried Fish

If you’re planning to visit the famed Lakawon Island at Cadiz City, don’t forget to stop by their local market to grab some dried fish or uga.

Cadiz is also called the “Dried Fish Capital of Negros Occidental” because of their primary product, dried fish, which is supplied to local and international clients.

The local market in the city will already welcome you with lines of dried fish of all kinds, such as dilis (anchovies), aramang (soft-shelled shrimp), espada (hairtail), pusit (squid), and the best-selling dangit (rabbit fish).

3. Piaya

Piaya is the sweet snack that Bacolod takes pride in. It’s an unleavened bread made of flour and stuffed with sweet muscovado sugar.

Some brands sell piaya in various flavors, namely original, ube, mango, and calamansi.

4. Napoleones

Napoleones is another sweet treat that you should try in Bacolod City. This unique-looking pastry has a sweet custard cream sandwiched between flaky crusts and topped with a white sugar glaze.

Numerous cafes in Bacolod City sell this Napoloenes as one of their pastries; hence, you need to make sure to consume this pastry immediately as it has a short shelf life.

5. Budbod Kabog

Budbod Kabog or Bod-bod is a sticky rice cake made from a round grain called millet or kabog, which has a sweet, nutty taste and is served wrapped in banana leaves.

This rice cake is a common local staple for breakfast and snacks. This treat is often paired with hot chocolate or a slice of ripe mango.

Budbod kabog can be seen in different public markets in Dumaguete and Tanjan City.

6. Barquiron

Barquiron is a fun treat that is a combination of barquillos (wafer rolls) and polvoron (powdered milk candy).

This sweet delicacy is fun to eat because it features two of your favorite childhood treats in one bite.

Barquiron is available at stores around Dumaguete City, but a local favorite can be found within the town of Calidigan.

7. Puto Maya

Unlike the commonly eaten smooth-white puto, puto maya is a chunk of sticky rice cooked in coconut milk and served with hot chocolate.

This treat doesn’t have a strong flavor or sweetness, so it pairs nicely with a couple of snacks.

Puto Maya is also sold in the public markets of Dumaguete City. One, in particular, is called “Painitan” in Dumaguete City’s Public Market.

Aside from the delicacies and cuisines mentioned, Negros island still has a lot to offer, like delicious fresh seafood available almost everywhere because of the coastal areas surrounding the place.

If you’re a tourist planning to visit Negros, make sure to taste any of these and bring some for your friends and family.

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