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Where To Find The Best Tikoy In Metro Manila


Where To Find The Best Tikoy In Metro Manila


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Tikoy, also known as nian gao, is a traditional Chinese delicacy cherished during Chinese New Year. This glutinous rice cake symbolizes prosperity and strong family ties, making it a must-have for celebrating the occasion.

Today, tikoy comes in a variety of flavors, from the classic white to unique ones like cheese, pandan, red bean and sea cucumber. Whether sweet or savory, tikoy is a delightful snack or dessert that everyone enjoys.

If you’re searching for the perfect gift to share good fortune with your loved ones this Chinese New Year, or if you simply crave this delectable treat, look no further! Here are some bakeries and spots where you can find the best tikoy in town.

The Manila Hotel

Discover the tasty tikoy choices at The Manila Hotel, perfect for giving to family and friends this Chinese New Year. Enjoy flavors like Almond Round and Red Bean that are sure to make everyone happy!

Conrad Manila

Looking for unique tikoy flavors? Explore Conrad’s delicious options and treat yourself! Their tikoy creations are delicious and have a perfect balance of flavors. Enjoy them with savory dishes like Yee Sang, Lechon, and Dim Sum platter for a complete dining experience!

Eng Bee Tin

Founded in 1912 by Chua Chiu Hong, Eng Bee Tin sells a range of Chinese treats, not just tikoy but also the all time favorite hopia. They also have modern versions like Hopia Combi, Mochipia, and Hopia Custard. Their latest tikoy flavor this year is Dragon Fruit tikoy, made with real dragon fruit juice with a chewy and fruity sweetness. They also serve the famous Mango Sticky Rice Tikoy and Tikoy Bumbong!

Ho-Land Hopia

Ho-Land is a Chinese deli famous for hopia, but they also make tasty tikoy. Their tikoy comes in Pandan, White, Brown, and Ube flavors. It’s a must-try treat this season!

Sweet Taste

Sweet Taste is a well-known brand among Chinese-Filipino families, famous for making tikoy for over 30 years. You can find their tikoy in every supermarket. Besides tikoy, they also make tasty baked dishes like empanadas and lasagnas. They’ve built a reputation for delicious food that many people enjoy.

Shangri-La at the Fort

Shangri-La at the Fort’s Chinese restaurant blends old and new in their cooking style. This Chinese New Year, they offer their signature nian gao in Coconut and Radish flavors.

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