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Manila North Cemetery Sets Guidelines For Undas

Manila North Cemetery Sets Guidelines For Undas


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The Manila North Cemetery (MNC) set rules for those who will visit the place during the observance of the All Saints’ Day and the All Souls’ Day.

MNC Director Roselle Castañeda, in an interview, said the management will prohibit visitors from bringing sharp objects such as knives, screwdrivers, ice picks, and firearms and flammable materials such as lighters, thinner, perfumes, alcohol and gas.

The official also advised the public not to bring alcoholic beverages.

“Drinking alcoholic drinks, burning of trashes and gambling inside the cemetery premises are also restricted,” she said.

Vehicles and motorcycles are not allowed to enter the cemetery as huge crowds are expected to flock.

“We are expecting the people to be cooperative with the rules to be implemented during the observation of the All Souls’ Day,” Castañeda added.

Flower vendors are not allowed to sell inside the cemetery, but will be given spaces outside the main gate entrance.

“Unlike last year, we are not allowing vendors to sell foods and drinks inside the cemetery,” the official said, as she advised the public to bring their own foods and drinks.

To maintain tranquility during the solemn days, the management advised the public that Bluetooth speakers and videoke sets are prohibited during said days.

All the confiscated items will only be recovered after Undas at the MNC office.

Castañeda also reminded the public that burials are not allowed for a five-day period between October 30 and November 3.

Burial activities will resume on November 4.

She also underscored that repainting and cleaning of tombs will only be permitted until October 29. The main gate will be closed on October 30.

The entrance for the visitors will be the main gate of the cemetery and for those leaving after visit, Gates 2 and 3 will be used as exit points.

Clearing operations

Moreover, the official said structures built in the tombs were already demolished as these have also been used as means for illegal entry.

“We are very much prepared for the influx of visitors this year as we already have completed the clearing operations inside the cemetery,” Castañeda said.

She added that persons living inside the cemetery were already warned to leave.

Meanwhile, Castañeda said the cemetery’s management is also coordinating with authorities for security measures, and medical services will be put up during the observance days.

“The PNP (Philippine National Police) will deploy around 400 police personnel to man the vicinities and ensure security in cemetery from October 30 to November 3,” she said.

Castañeda said the MNC management and government authorities are working together to ensure a solemn and orderly observance on Undas 2019.

“The inter-agency coordination meeting has been done, agencies were given tasks and we are now setting up each of our command posts to ensure the provision of service to the public during Undas,” she added.

Castañeda said the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the Manila Youth organization will be on standby to provide wrist-tags for children entering the cemetery.

“We are reminding the parents to bring their children in the post, DSWD and Manila youth will give name tag, put your child’s name and your contact information in case you lose your kids, we will be able to find you easily,” she said.

As of October, an estimated 159,162 graves are laid in the cemetery. MNC said it is now updating its system to improve its services for the public.

MNC serves as a resting place for Filipinos including famous actors, celebrities, past presidents and other historic figures.

It is one of the oldest and largest cemeteries in Metro Manila. (PNA)

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