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Filipino Cultural Dances Shine Brightly At A London Theater


Filipino Cultural Dances Shine Brightly At A London Theater

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Lahing Kayumanggi Dance Company and Philippine Barangay Folk Dance Troupe performed cultural dances of the Philippines at the Cockpit Theatre in London, showing the beauty of the country’s tradition.

The event was held on September 21 at The Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone, London, and was live-streamed on Philippine Barangay Folk Dance’s Facebook page.

Tibok celebrates the founding anniversaries of Lahing Kayumanggi Dance Company, now in its 29th year, while the Philippine Barangay Folk Dance Troupe celebrates its 77th.

A few of the dances featured were Pandang Pandang, Binasuan, and Tinikling, which used to be common folk dances from Luzon and Visayas.

The event also featured Mindanao dances such as Dugso and Binanong from the indigenous people of Manobo and Muslim dances such as Sua-sua, Singkil, and other Moro dances.

The artistic director of Lahing Kayumanggi Dance Company, Ronnie Del Barrio, highlights that culture is fighting hard not to be erased in the era of modernization.

“Importante talaga na ma-showcase natin ang ating kultura, kasi minsan nawawala na siya lalo na ngayong digital era. So, it’s nice to look back and give that kind of importance and embrace the culture para madala pa rin natin sa future,” Del Barrio says.

Meanwhile, Ambassador and former journalist Teodoro Locsin’s wife, Maria Lourdes Locsin, commended the flawless performances of both dance companies.

“Everything is just perfect—their costumes, their dance routines. Ang ganda ng project, they should show this because it shows talaga what the Filipino is all about. Our culture is so rich; it’s so diverse,” Locsin says.

Currently, the Philippine Barangay Folk Dance Troupe is conducting workshops for both children and adults at the Philippine Embassy in London, also supported by Lahing Kayumanggi Dance Company.

With a large number of audiences from abroad, the event was able to reach its goal of showcasing the beauty of culture and tradition in various regions of the country.

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