Saturday, October 8, 2022
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Crying Out For ELYU? Here Are 8 Restaurants In La Union That You Should Try

If you are planning to go on a trip to La Union, here are the restaurants that you never want to miss when you visit!

10 Filipina Volleyball Players Who Can Slay As Beauty Queens

Athletes are slowly becoming like celebrities, but have you ever thought about what would happen if these athletes turned into beauty queens?

13 Tips To Remember When Life Gets Rough

If you're feeling stressed out and lost lately, here are some life reminders that can help you to put yourself together.

5 Reasons Why Getting Married In Your Early 20s Is Risky

Marriage is always a big decision to make and here are the reasons why you should think twice before entering married life at an early age.

List: Donation Drives You Can Support For Karding PH

Some families need help after Typhoon Karding hit the country, and here is how you can help.

5 Facts About Jane De Leon Aside From Her Super Powers

Are you hooked up with Jane De Leon's role as Darna? Here's what you need to know more about her in real life.

ICYMI: Upcoming KPOP Concerts In The Philippines This BER Months

Gear up for the upcoming concerts! Here is a list of what K-Pop groups you can expect to perform live this Ber months.

Having A Hard Time Deciding What To Wear? These Basic, Chic Looking Outfits Are For You

Tired of thinking about what to wear every time you hang out? Then try basic and chic looking outfits!

5 Breathing Techniques For Stress Relief

Stress out? Here are five different breathing techniques to take a break from your burdens.

From Trends To Stardom: 3 Underrated OPM Artists Who Rose To Fame Through TikTok

Local artists Zack Tabudlo, Angela Ken, and Adie Garcia continuously rise and promote Original Pinoy Music through TikTok.

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